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One of the benefits of running a site like this is seeing these fresh new faces every day. Fresh faces just like Devin Lewis in this new scene for 8TeenBoy!

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Devin Lewis is a wicked little new boy around the local area. The lad applied to Helix since he has a hunger for exhibitionism and is just a big show-off.

With his young great looks, rich smooth skin, and capacity to take Max Carter’s orders and make them wank-able art, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Max influences the new kid to bend over the couch and opens his peachy buns for business.

AndysBestSites 8TeenBoy Devin Lewis Solo Session
AndysBestSites 8TeenBoy Devin Lewis Solo Session

Warming up the cakes with some hot slaps, Carter strokes the joy pucker at the inside before coming to down to get to his seething hard pole. One wouldn’t figure a child this minor would have such an amazing bundle, yet he does and Max takes advantage of it.

Effectively agreeable before the camera, Lewis reclines and gives Max a chance to make masturbation music on his enchantment stick. Devin’s hands move over his supple youthful skin as he appreciates Carter wrenching on his uncut, splendidly bended cockerel.

AndysBestSites 8TeenBoy

It’s the sort of dick that will hit your pleasure spot superbly. The kid’s body begins to fix and his schlong sends sex fits here and there his spine and then…. sweet, sticky, uncivilized discharge.

Devin’s first scene is finished, and as the camera blurs he gives us a sweet grin as he’s shrouded in his own cum like a warm cover.

How about some video and a photo gallery?

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