EnglishLads: Young Straight Rugby Uncut Stud Adam Pumps Dick

AndysBestSites EnglishLads Young Straight Rugby Uncut Stud Adam Pumps Dick
AndysBestSites EnglishLads Young Straight Rugby Uncut Stud Adam Pumps Dick

EnglishLads AndysBestSites Gay Twink Brits

EnglishLads: Young Straight Rugby Uncut Stud Adam Pumps Dick

Here is muscular stud Alfie in a new set from EnglishLads, home of classic British studs and their fit friends.

This site is full of UK prime beef, not buffed up twinks, not scrawny under-fed Eastern Europeans either, but somewhere in-between – and a very nice somewhere in-between. These are mostly straight nude British men with big uncut cocks!


Site is ultra-clean layout, really refreshing without any clutter to get in your way. There is a useful and easy-to-read information box for each model with his stats and what is available in the site from him.

The small preview thumbs open up into a nicely done informative page with a short bioEnglishLads AndysBestSites Gay Twink Brits and 8 preview photos, along with a sample of what the full-size photos are that members see – the samples I saw was 750 x 1000 or larger and very sharp. The labeling is about as much as I would ever want to see. I am not a fan of having a logo and a copyright notice on the photos.


Photography is outstanding, and some of the latest work is really great. The photo style follows the site style, clean, crisp, technically spot on.

So if you like a bit more beef on your plate, this is the site for you. Plenty of 18 and 19 year olds, although the photographer has a knack for finding boys that look a bit older. My taste might run a bit younger looking, but these are a great looking bunch – who can put their shoes under my bed any time they want.


The latest models include some really nice video clips in mpeg4 format. The cameraman teases the boys and generally lends a hand when required. The latest offerings have real sound and you can hear the conversation which is almost as much of a turn on as the video content itself.

Whilst the cameraman is in awe of the boys bodies, he has rather less respect for their minds as he speaks to them in a very condescending and disparaging manner. But of course the boys don’t even notice it. I don’t often watch videos from start to finish, but these were definitely worth it. Well done.

Here is a photo gallery sample from a recent update!

EnglishLads AndysBestSites Gay Twink Brits

What is going on at EnglishLads?
  • Overall Look and Feel - 93%
  • Value for the money - 94%
  • Would I join? - 92%

How about EnglishLads?

High Points
Exclusive content shot and produced by EnglishLads
76,000+ photos
Extremely nice and informative preview area
Very informative Help/FAQ
Model Voting
6 new videos each month
6 new photosets each month

Low Points
Would like to see a higher percentage of 18-19 year old models, but that is really not what EnglishLads is all about.

Andys Bottom Line
EnglishLads is what I wish every twink (I do hate that word) or slightly older model site should be. Though I generally like them younger, this site has many I would gladly let put their shoes under my bed...
This is a very professionally run site, great easy to follow navigation and layout and lots and lots of choice content. I really like the interview style videos and hearing the models talk and laugh. Maybe it's because it is all in English, something rare in the teen boy model world.
So Rule Britannia! Save your pounds or Euros or dollars or rubles or whatever and join up and be prepared to enjoy a pleasurable month or two or three of fun!

Go to EnglishLads right now and be prepared to stay a while.



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