I have sometimes wondered just what makes boys EnigmaticBoys? When it is an enigmatic smile, then gay teen boy Sonny is at the top of the list!

AndysBestSites EnigmaticBoys: 18 Year Young Lee-Ryan Flashes His Bedroom Eyes!
EnigmaticBoys: Classy photography and classy models!

What are EnigmaticBoys?

The photographer and the stylist really take their time with the models. The long-running site proves that content is king. Beautiful boys always win!

The layout is intuitive and the photography is superb. The photos are all large and super-sharp with the models smiling and having a great time. The same is true for the HD videos.

This site has been a favorite of mine for years and now is right at the top with with their highly erotic truly gorgeous photography and some of the very best models anywhere. In fact, this site holds the Best Photography award from AndysBestSites! 

The webmaster describes the site this way: “Exclusive teen boy 18+ models from Europe & Mediterranean. High quality image resolution + video. Artistic, sexy, erotic! All models only 18-21 y/o.” No question that is a a site to join regularly, if not forever.


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