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FrenchTwinks Gay Boys in “Very First Time as Bottom” HD Video and Photos!

FrenchTwinks offers up 18 yo twink Gabriel Lambert along with Enzo Lemercier in another adventure called “Very First Time as Bottom”.

On a beautiful summer evening Enzo Lemercier and Gabriel Lambert walk hand in hand under a sunset. This cute romance continues on the terrace of a cafe and Enzo discreetly passes a hand under the table to caress Gabriel’s thigh.

While Enzo’s fingers slip under Gabriel’s shorts, the two boys kiss. The excitement rises and they hurry back to the apartment to let their desires run free. The two boys soon find themselves half naked on the sofa, their nice hard cocks out from their boxers. They start to jerk each other, then Enzo comes to catch Gabriel’s big cock to suck it.

The 18-year-old twink moans with pleasure as he feels this greedy and hot mouth swallowing his dick. This time Gabriel decided to reverse the roles and Enzo despite of his apprehensions lets Gabriel driving.

You Will Never Guess

Gabriel puts the blonde on the back to eat his ass and try to introduce a finger into this hyper tight anus. Enzo grimaces by discovering this sensation between pleasure and pain but Gabriel intensifies his movements and gently Enzo’s small ass expands.

It’s not without difficulty that Gabriel then introduces his thick cock into the little hole of Enzo. Through a lot of sweetness and a progressive rhythm Gabriel ended up relaxing that bottom beginner who finally seems to take pleasure. Enzo then rides Gabriel to feel his cock deeply inside him and accelerates the beat.

Gabriel is overexcited and will end by covering Enzo’s angel face of multiple jets of sperm.AndysBestSites FrenchTwinks Very First Time As Bottom Enzo Lemercier Gabriel Lambert

Enzo first introduces a finger into the tight anus of Gabriel who begins to moan then he eats his ass to dilate and prepare it before fingering it vigorously…

Young Gabriel is getting hotter and hotter and it’s quite naturally that he comes to ride Enzo. He’s now impaled on this beautiful cock on which one he moves up and down deeper and deeper while jacking of his big dick. Enzo then lengthens Gabriel on the side and fuck him more brutally until to cum in several thick jets on the balls of the cute bottom.

Here is some preview video:

…and here is the generous photo set of these “Nudist Swim”

About the site:

This site is a new one for me. I like the young looking models and the layout is quite bright and welcoming. The models are laughing and smiling and all having a good time.

The site was established in 2013, with the release of “Pornstars Apprentices” an original reality show. The show follows the true adventures of ten young guys that make a start into the XXX gay porn industry. French Twinks Studio produces several scenes every week and recruits new twinks and hunks from France constantly.

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