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AndysBestSites – Helix Studios

NEW! Helix Studios: Cole Claire & Jeremy Price in “Well Priced”

Hot and heavy from the start, Cole Claire and Jeremy Price at Helix Studios can’t keep their hands off each other’s tight young, tasty bodies. Clothes cum off in seconds.

Jeremy grabs Cole’s perfectly plump, fuckable feast of an ass then spins the power bottom around, anxious to get inside. Before bending our boy over, Jeremy gives the kid the reach around cause Cole’s cock is just as yummy as that hot little hole.

AndysBestSites Helix Studios Cole Claire Jeremy Price In Well Priced
AndysBestSites Helix Studios Cole Claire Jeremy Price In Well Priced

Bare bake is the only way

Bare back and boned up, Price plows Cole’s canal hard and fast. Price order’s the boy on top for a raw ride, drills him with dick and slaps his peaches and cream cheeks till they’re a perfect pink.

Man handling him with one hand, Price flips pretty boy onto his back and bones the boy balls deep. The platinum blond, titanium top terrorizes Cole’s tight tush while holding him by the ankles and soon by the throat. Cole’s toes start to curl, and he grabs his perfect piece.

He milks his thick dick dry just as Jeremy pulls out to mix in his massive load.

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