AndysBestSites HMBoys Gay Twinks Mark Evan Play Hide The Salami
AndysBestSites HMBoys Gay Twinks Mark Evan Play Hide The Salami
HMBoys | AndysBestSites
HMBoys | AndysBestSites

Mark and Evan, the new models at HMBoys, are are as hell in their latest scene! Home-made boys are just the best!

This site has been one of my personal favorites for quite a while – and it recently was completely re-vamped, re-designed, re-done, made-over – you get the point.

The result is quite nice and a real improvement over the earlier version – which was more of an art project than an easy-to-use teen and twink boy site.

The new HMBoys focuses more on traditional models in its new incarnation, rather than the orginal concept of “Home-Made” boys, but do not even begin to think that the quality and cuteness is any less.

The models are well-chosen and presented in an informative way with a well-written introduction filled with facts, comments, and gossip. It really servers to bring to models alive – giving personality and realness to what could just be another model with his clothes off.




Here is Arunas – now featured at HMBoys:

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