New at MormonBoyz: Ch 6 in “ORDINATION” with Elder Dalton and Bishop Hart

Will they come to your door? Will you seem them on the street?

AndysBestSites MormonBoyz Ch 6 ORDINATION Elder Dalton Bishop Hart
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz Ch 6 ORDINATION Elder Dalton Bishop Hart

New at MormonBoyz: Ch 6: ORDINATION with Elder Dalton and Bishop Hart

The day has come for Elder Dalton at MormonBoys to take one of the biggest steps in his life: that of Ordination into the Order. The young missionary is excited to become a high priest, but he’s also still full of adolescent anxiety and nerves.

He trusts the handsome older men to show him what to do, grateful for all they’ve shown him so far. Bishop Hart is eager to bring the boy to his spiritual calling, giving him his final insemination before priesthood. Many in the Brethren have fought to have such an honor, but Hart’s passion for the boy’s tight hole and submission have won out above all others!.

AndysBestSites MormonBoyz
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz

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AndysBestSites MormonBoyz
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz

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