MormonBoyz | Elder Xanders & Elder Garrett: Chapter 9 “Bonds of Brotherhood”

AndysBestSites MormonBoyz | Elder Xanders & Elder Garrett: Chapter 9 "Bonds Of Brotherhood"
MormonBoyz | Elder Xanders & Elder Garrett: Chapter 9 "Bonds of Brotherhood"
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz | Elder Xanders & Elder Garrett: Chapter 9 “Bonds of Brotherhood” Here It Is!

Elder Garrett and Elder Xander at MormonBoyz know their purpose is to satisfy the men of the Order. With each test of their submission, it gets harder and harder to predict what will be expected of them.

What Now?

They’re determined to meet the Brethren’s dark demands. This time around, nothing short of complete obedience will do. Brothers Strang and Erying have called these boys in to be their playthings, to suck and fuck as they see fit…

MormonBoyz? I have always been a fan of sites with themes. Most sites are just endless shots of naked teens and twinks (not that there is anything wrong with that).

About the site

A good themed site the original HMBoys and AlexBoys really gave you a sense that is was all real. These were just boys having fun while someone happened to be taking some photos.

MormonBoyz opens up that door again. While I do, of course, recognize that this site is a well thought out fantasy, it is so well done that you just want to go along the idea.

How many times have you been walking in the city and spotted a pair of cute guys in dark suits and skinny ties and thought – aha – those Mormons again – and then had the second thought and wondered if they shared more than just their religion with each other!

Or answered the door and had a pair of them standing right there in front of you. Ask them in you thought, and then… no, you can’t do that. Well, at MormonBoyz, you can!

VIDEO: Brother Calhoun is called before President Ballard to answer questions about his sexual history. He’s terrified to reveal the truth of his recent experiences. The powerful president is eager to press the boy on his homosexual acts and discover what he’s hiding.

This is from the site:

The world’s premiere home of gay Mormon porn and missionary sex. Upon entering, what you will see is 100% authentic secret Mormon sex rituals.

MormonBoyz showcases homosexual ritual sex between men and virgin male teens. These teens are hot Mormon missionaries. Many are straight Mormon boys, but not all. Every gay Mormon boy hopes to participate in the gay daddy son temple rites of passage.

Year after year, hot Mormon men select the hottest Mormon missionaries (gay Mormon missionaries) for Ordination by insemination in a secret sexual Mormon temple ritual.

How about another very generous free gallery?

AndysBestSites MormonBoyz
AndysBestSites MormonBoyz

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