This gem is one of the latest from 19Nitten. Gay teen boy Markus is a fit blond with a deep and penetrating look in his eyes. This boy really looks right through you.

How the guys at 19Nitten keep coming up with models like this after all these years is one of the great questions of life!


My reviews tend to concentrate on the photos and video clips offered by sites. The little extras such as live shows, web cams, chat servers, are mentioned, but they are usually just bolt-on extras and don’t really form part of the core entertainment on offer. This is definitely not the case with 19Nitten.

Arne at 19Nitten
Arne at 19Nitten

A membership to 19Nitten gets you access to their huge collection of models – all with lots of photos and interesting background information. Sets are introduced over time, giving us all something to look forward to. You also get access to the Pirrer video site – a site that is worth the price of membership all by itself. Cams, live video, sound – it is great.

Site Design

The site design is looking dated as it has remained nearly the same for at least 8 years – with some color and detail changes. While it works – its time has passed and it is really time for something new. It does still work, however, and as we all agree that content is king…

A Unique and Special Site

19nitten is a very unique site, and its members are almost like a family. While it resides within the reviews for other sites here, really it should be in a class of its own. Nothing really comes near to it in terms of daily changing entertainment value.

Arne at 19Nitten
Arne at 19Nitten

The Pirrer webcam area is the best example. Here there is something new all the time, every hour it seems. I love hearing the models talk among themselves and hearing the TV and music on in the room.

It is as close as possible to actually being there. I spent alot of time in boy clubs in Amsterdam 20 years ago and I feel like I have gone back in time. If only Sascha would walk into the room….

If you’re looking for a great interactive entertainment center, 19nitten could be the answer. It makes the first page of our reviews – really the best anyone can do. All the sites on the first page are contenders for the top spot, and it is really splitting hairs to decide what the exact order is.

High Quality Photo and Video

The photo quality and artistry could be better, but I don’t think being an art project is the goal at 19Nitten. The models, however, are absolutely stunning, very young looking, and all exclusive.

The ratio of cupids to duds is the best out there. Not many duds, almost all are very attractive with such raw Russian beauty. You certainly don’t have to wade through pages of models before one catches your eye. 

AndysBestSites - Jerold 19Nitten
AndysBestSites – Jerold 19Nitten

Some might say that the Russian beauties are being done an injustice by their photographers, well, I guess its true to a certain extent, but when they are so naturally beautiful, one wishes for a nice digital SLR, some creative lighting, and an inspired photographer.

Membership is only ever monthly, without recurring options. Yet some members have remained with 19nitten for years on end.

AndysBestSites - 19Nitte
AndysBestSites – 19Nitten

See These Models in FULL SIZE Photos and Videos at 19Nitten – Click HERE 

New at 19Nitten: Gay Teen Boy Jaxon is Smooth, Shaven, and Cut!

  • Overall Look and Feel - 90%
  • Value for the money - 93%
  • Would I join? - 95%


Membership Pricing
19Nitten in using CCBill, our favorite online payment service.
30 days - $29.99
60 days - $47.99 (20% discount)
90 days - $58.99 (35% discount)
There is no recurring billing - a feature most find welcome.

Membership Benefits
100% Original and Exclusive Content.
Over 50 GIGABYTES of downloads online.
NEW exclusive photos daily.
NEW exclusive full-length HD videos weekly.
24/7 access to NittenTV.
FREE tokens to download at NittenVideos
CCBill Customer Service

Is the Price Worth It?

High Points
Video Clips
Live Cams
Live streaming video
Eight different live cams
Double size screen for members
3 second refresh rate for members
Model chat

Low Points
These guys do play hardball with the rules, but then they do tell you everything, very clearly, before you join so there should be no surprises. The design has been around a while - but, hey, it works.

Andys Bottom Line
19Nitten drops a place in Andy's Best Sites - while the photos and videos continue to please the overall look and feel has been passed by several sites - but one in particular drops it back to second place - a 93 from ABS!

Review History
First Listed: July 2005

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