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NEW! AlexBoys Reveals Nino in His Fourth Set, “Sportive”!

This week at AlexBoys we have Nino. This is his fourth set and it is a winner. I never knew how much he likes balls.

Nino is a sportive guy and likes all kinds of team sports. Sometimes he checks if his tool is bigger than the others. It usual is and once in a while this offers some opportunities to come closer together…

Tale of Two Boys in the Shower

It started when he was in the sixth grade and all the boys had to take showers together after gym class. The cute young teen lad was amazed to see cocks of all shapes and sizes. Some hung down, some stuck out. Some had skin on them, and some were without the funny looking skin.
A few of the boys even had a small growth of wispy hair above their young cocks. Billy didn’t have any on his. At least not yet. He sure wished he did because it looked so cool. So grown up!

What happened next?

As he got into junior high, nearly all of the boys had hair and some of them had really big droopy dicks. His was OK in size, but he did wish it was bigger. But them most boys think that way. Billy was about the same as his best friend Tod. Tod had a little more hair than he did. A few times Tod caught him looking and he smiled. Billy smiled right back.
A few weeks later, the two boys found themselves all alone in shower room after junior high wrestling practice. They had been caught laughing and fooling around and the coach made them stay after for extra calisthenics!. That meant they were now showering the the now-deserted locker room.
Billy poked his head out of the shower room and exclaimed, “we are the last ones here!” Both boys then looked at each other and slow smiles grew on their faces. At the same time, two teen cocks just got a little bit bigger. They walked towards each other and Tod said, “ya wanna?”
“Ya wanna what”, the other lad replied. “Ummm, you know, maybe…”

First time for the two boys

Nothing more was said as two small hands reached out and both touched a now hard cock that had only ever been touched by one hand, the hand of the body attached to it. Both dicks were at full mast now, harder than they had ever been before. Hands moved, eyes glazed, and lungs breathed. All sensuously.
In a flash it was over and there was cum everywhere. Cum on stomachs. Jizz on hands. Spooge on chests. Jism on the floor. And smiles too. Both boys broke out into huge grins and nearly shouted, “that was sooo cool – we gotta do that again!”
They quickly rinsed off and ran out, dicks flopping around, to their lockers, laughing the whole time. “My mom is gonna pick me up out front, do you want a ride”, Tod said. Billy nodded yes, and they headed out for the front doors of the school. It was getting dark, but there was a new light now in each of the cute boys’ lives.

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