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NEW at theGayTeenStudio: Dark and Mysterious Vlad

Among my favorites sites, GTS has a special place – it was the second site I actually joined all those years ago. As a photographer myself, I was drawn to the remarkable shots of the boys there, and this set of dark and mysterious Vlad is no exception to that rule!

The photography and the photo quality and eroticism at the theGayTeenStudio is just first class. No one does it better. Wonderful studio lighting, sparkling models, and that magic between the model and the camera you only find once is a great while.

Dark and Mysterious Vlad is NEW at theGayTeenStudio!

Now we’re talking.
Outstanding photography, really nicely done with subtle lighting, earthy tones, and a truly professional equipment.
The photographer shows off his skills by using side and back lighting for some sets, and bleached studio lighting for other sets.

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  • Overall Look and Feel - 92%
  • Value for the money - 95%
  • Would I join? - 95%


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