AndysBestSites NEW Episode CzechHunter Saga 328
AndysBestSites NEW Episode CzechHunter Saga 328
AndysBestSites CzechHunter
AndysBestSites CzechHunter

CzechHunter Episode 328:

The boy in the maroon sweatshirt is the star of latest scene at Czechhunter. Finding him on a Friday night was a stroke of luck.
Take Me to CzechHunter Right Now!

A Busy Friday Night

It took a while to find the right guy today. Choosing a Friday evening wasn’t a good idea at all, every place was so crowded and everyone so busy.

He is 19!

I was almost going to give up and move somewhere else when I met a group of friends. A girl and her two friends were definitely worth a try. The younger boy had just turned 19 and the plan was to go drinking and celebrating.

AndysBestSites NEW Episode CzechHunter Saga 328
AndysBestSites NEW Episode CzechHunter Saga 328

They were nice enough to let me go with them. I wanted to return the favor so I offered them cash for some nice nudity right next to a bus station. And those crazy bastards agreed. I loved their big cocks, I’m sure the girl appreciated them as well.

A Threesome

Then the situation got a bit complicated because I wanted a threesome but had to get rid off the girl. I wanted a proper birthday party.

Here is CzechHunter #328, complete with video! 


Now it is here. While the full review is being completed, I will reproduce some material from the site and add Newest Faces and Videos as they become available to me.

The idea

  • Did you ever make your private porn video?
  • Do you know the thrill of POV, of recording a guy’s ass when you just put your dick inside his hole?
  • With respect: We are Jiri and Honza.
  • Two guys from Prague.
  • We are the Czech Hunter.
  • Pursuing boys is our hobby.
  • We are tired of websites offering staged bullshit.
  • We know the strategy.
  • Czech boys do it for money!
  • It’s true: the difficult social situation in the Czech Republic supports our hobby.
  • We are your special Prague-guides

AndysBestSites CzechHunter

AndysBestSites CzechHunter Three-way in the Park
AndysBestSites CzechHunter Three-way in the Park

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