NEW! “Let’s Make a Deal” at CzechHunter!

AndysBestSites CzechHunter Lets Make A Deal

AndysBestSites CzechHunter Lets Make A Deal

AndysBestSites CzechHunter
AndysBestSites CzechHunter

NEW! “Let’s Make a Deal” at CzechHunter!

Here at CzechHunter we are the flies-on-the-wall as another “Let’s Make a Deal”  is made and carried out.

Now it is here. While the full review is being completed, I will reproduce some material from the site and add Newest Faces and Videos as they become available to me.

The idea

  • Did you ever make your private porn video?
  • Do you know the thrill of POV, of recording a guy’s ass when you just put your dick inside his hole?
  • With respect: We are Jiri and Honza.
  • Two guys from Prague.
  • We are the Czech Hunter.
  • Pursuing boys is our hobby.
  • We are tired of websites offering staged bullshit.
  • We know the strategy.
  • Czech boys do it for money!
  • It’s true: the difficult social situation in the Czech Republic supports our hobby.
  • We are your special Prague-guides

I saw this one buying ice cream and I instantly knew he was going to be perfect.

He was in a hurry to a gym. Which was a bit annoying because I had to follow him around for a while. It took a lot of effort to convince this young Ukranian cutie to finally stop for a minute.

How did I managed that? By using money, of course. He was really agile and open-minded.AndysBestSites CzechHunter

He even agreed to take a shower under a small waterfall. I know, from personal experience, that water in the pool is pretty cold. Thank god, we had a nice summer day, maybe the boy even liked cooling down a bit.

At that point I could see the boy was hooked, he was after my money. We found a discreet place near the path and started.

Then I found out I forgot my lube at home. The poor boy didn’t have a lucky day.

AndysBestSites CzechHunter
AndysBestSites CzechHunter

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